Best Mother's Day Gift 2020

No idea what to get for Mother's day? Here are some great ideas to make your mom super happy!


Mister Wu's Mother Day Premium Dim Sum Buffet Set

The famous dim sum buffet delivery set got upgraded just for your beloved mommy. This premium set includes 4 pax worth of dim sum items with an ultra luxurious whisky crab soup bee hoon. The set also includes a mother's day special rose coconut jelly and an eternal flower light dome.

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Lucca Vudor's Ultra Comfortable Shoes

Lucca Vudor is well known for not just stylish shoes but also how comfortable they are. Mothers especially will appreciate the combination of comfort and style. Their products are also surprisingly affordable for the quality.

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Mrs Wu's flower gifts

Flowers are the natural choice for mother's day gifts but sometimes it feels like a waste when the flowers wilt after a few days. Mrs Wu curated a range of eternal flower products including table lights, bluetooth speakers decorated using preserved real flowers. Beautiful yet practical!

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