How are Liu Sha Baos (custard buns) made?


Who doesn’t like liu sha baos? Soft pillowy buns filled with molten lava custard. The only bad thing about liu sha bao is the mess it makes!

So how are they made? The bun dough first has to be made and like all typical Chinese buns. To make it fluffy, the secret is to allow the dough to rest for a long enough time at the right temperature.

The hardest part however is the lava custard. What really differentiates a normal liu sha bao and a 3 star liu sha bao is the filling. The perfect filling needs to be liquid enough to flow out of the bun when you pull it apart. Yet at the same time, it needs to be fragrant and rich in flavor. The most important thing is to use real salted egg instead of salted egg powder. The secret is to use salted duck eggs that are oily and rich in flavor so that when you cook the liu sha bao custard they remain liquid once steamed inside the bun.

Do you know that liu sha bao can also be eaten fried? At Mister Wu, we decided to combine the experience of eating fried mantou(for chilli crab) with that of eating a liu sha bao. So after steaming the liu sha bao, we fry them at high heat to make the bun crispy. Imagine the bliss when you bite into a crunchy bun and liquid custard flows out. Painful but oh so delicious!