Top 5 popular dim sum items in Singapore

1)Har Gao

The most typical dim sum item is also the most difficult to make. In traditional dim sum restaurant kitchen, before a chef hire a a new kitchen helper, he will ask him to make a basket of har gao. A good har gao need to have a chewy skin that is not too thick and filled just nice with marinated prawns and still moist with juice within.


2)Siew Mai

Siew Mai, or steamed pork dumplings, are kids’ favourite to eat because they are plump and crunchy with springy meat wrapped in a siew mai wrapper. It is almost to hong kong kids what nuggets are to American kids! Traditionally it does not come with topping but in recent years, siew mai have all sorts of topping like scallop or prawns on them but non as luxurious as abalone!


3)Xiao Long Bao

Unlike most other dim sum items, xiao long bao was not traditionally part of yum cha until recent years with the rising popularity if Taiwanese restaurants like ding tai fung. Since then, this soup dumpling is now the favourite amongst singaporeans and come in all sorts of flavours like chilli crab, cheese or even ginseng. We like our xiao long bao traditional but upgraded with a touch of truffle fragrance.


4)Fried Carrot Cake

Carrot cake used to be just cut into slices and pan fried till crispy on the outside. Nowadays, Singaporeans prefer them cut into cubes and stir fried with egg and some beansprouts as well as pickled chye poh. In fact, this version of carrot cake in yum cha was invented in Singapore, probably inspired by our local hawker dish, chye tow kway!


5)Chee Cheong Fun

Slippery and smooth rice rolls filled with any ingredient you like. The most common and favourite version for singaporeans is filled with char siew or prawns. For Singaporeans, the cheong fun gravy is the most important part of this dish. The sauce should be slightly sweet and not too salty plus fragrant with a touch of sesame oil.