Who is Mister Wu?

wu juenong mister wu


Mister Wu Jue Nong is the godfather of Chinese tea, who dedicated his whole life to preserve the quality and knowledge from this 3000-year-old tradition that we enjoy today. We named our restaurant and tea brand after him because in Chinese tradition, dim sum and tea comes together hand in hand. To eat dim sum is to “yum cha”, or drink tea. mister wu tea set

Almost 80% of our customer now at Mister Wu drink tea with their food. Why? Because it works. The alkaline nature of Chinese tea helps to cleanse the lingering flavor of food or oil in the mouth after eating a delicious piece of har gao or siew mai.

What kind of teas should you drink with dim sum? If you like something light and refreshing, jasmine tea, or 香片, would be a good choice as it is very floral and has a slight touch of bitterness at the end. If you prefer something smooth and neutral, aged pu er will be the perfect choice.

At Mister Wu, the youngest pu er we serve is a 15 years old's hence the silky texture and fragrance. So remember to brew yourself a hot pot of Chinese tea when you next eat dim sum and yum cha at a restaurant or when you order some of our delicious food at home!